It's me, your favorite economist!
  1. Making this list
    It's my first list; I am excited and present.
  2. Watching the girl two rows ahead of me navigate Facebook
    Get a Twitter, you uncultured swine
  3. Nodding and staring attentively at the board every 42 seconds to show my professor that I am, in fact, invested
  4. Thinking about the Sprouse twins
  5. Praying for God to smite me
  6. Thinking of writing a play
    Playwrites take their favorite musicals and plays and revamp them so that they are more modern and draw new generations of fans, but has anyone does that for a play they absolutely cannot stand? I'm thinking of making a Shitty Hamlet. So like... "Hamlet"
  7. Trying to wrap my head around how a 68 year old Ronnie Wood is expecting twins
  8. Disappointing my parents