(yet another way to avoid studying for finals)
  1. How to prioritize breakdowns
    (lack of) money first, then failing the Bar, then just generally being incompetent. Numerous emotions of defeat, poor self-esteem, fear, etc. if there's time
  2. How to recite case information on four hours' sleep
    Force of will
  3. How to survive on Diet Coke and Cheez-its
    Aka prolonging my life until age 30 when my body revolts against me
  4. How to carry three 1,000 page textbooks at once
    Potentially herniating other discs in my spine surrounding my already herniated one
  5. How to hide dirty hair
    Dry shampoo 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
  6. How to royally procrastinate studying for finals
    Netflix. And chill