And the responses to them.
  1. Have you set a date?
    Uhhh... Considering he proposed roughly four minutes ago? No, not yet.
  2. When I saw your Facebook post, I thought you were kidding!
  3. When I saw the picture of your ring, I thought you were kidding!
  4. I know you've been wanting this for a really, really long time. (Said by an acquaintance who hasn't said more than hello to either of us in months.)
    Uh... Yeah?
  5. It's about time!
    Because two years is too long to date?
  6. (When looking at my ring) What is that?
    It's a motorcycle.
  7. What changed?
    Um. What?
  8. I'm so happy for you! My boyfriend and I were just saying we didn't think you two would make it!
    Thanks for the confidence?
  9. Congratulations! You guys are such a good fit. You're my favorite couple!
    Thank you! (By far the best thing to hear and the most common.)