Thanks, Pixar. Gonna go wallow in my film-induced despair now.
  1. Are you a parent?
    You're going to bawl like a goddamned four year old for an hour straight. Enjoy!
  2. You thought the beginning of "Up" was sad?
    Wait until your kid's imaginary best friend ... never mind. Spoiler alert.
  3. We hired Amy Poehler and Mindy Kaling and Lewis Black!
    Oh, did you think that was going to make this a comedy? We fooled you.
  4. Is your daughter entering her tween years?
    Get inside her head and find out what happens when everything you love about her gets obliterated before your very eyes!
  5. You're going to want to hate this movie!
    But too bad, because it's fucking brilliant. Suck on that.
  6. Oh, yeah. Did you make it through "Lava" without crying?
    No? Too bad for you. This is gonna turn into the nightmare train to Tear Town for you, if you couldn't even finish the short without Kleenex.