Nicknames We Gave Our Dog

Meet Dexter, or as he's better known:
  1. Poop
    Just look at him.
  2. Lump
    When he's so tired that he's basically immovable.
  3. Lump and a half
    When he's the lumpiest.
  4. Sweet Dex
    This is how we refer to him in texts and greeting cards to people who don't know him very well. I like to think it's good for his reputation.
  5. Ruiner of Things
    Some dogs just want to watch the world burn. Dexter at his darkest.
  6. Little Human Boy
    Rule number one of dog training is not to humanize your dog. We went the other way. Here he is wagging his human tail in his normal boy cage.
  7. Poopy (McGee)
    I'm embarrassed by this one. Usually sung.
  8. Sneaky Little Boy
    He is, and then he so often is not.
  9. Sir
    Said sarcastically at full height when he's acting like he's better than us.
  10. Egg Boy
    Sometimes, he literally looks and smells just like an egg. It's so strange and cute. When he's in full Egg Mode we like to gently cradle our arms around his egg shape and tell him how eggy he is.
  11. The Boy
    Recognized by both of our families, and how we most frequently refer to him. Used in the same tone of voice Homer Simpson uses when he's being stern with Bart, but more affectionately.