This will be slightly embarrassing in parts because unlike most, I tend not to lust over typically attractive males apart from the obvious. Puberty was a confusing time.
  1. Rik Mayall
    He was literally my first crush EVER. I'm proud of myself for this one.
  2. Johnny Depp
    Who doesn't?
  3. Wolverine
    That's right. Wolverine. Not Hugh Jackman. Wolverine.
  4. James Franco
    I spent days upon months on the internet finding everything there was possibly to know about this lad and spent money in the process
  5. Richard Dreyfuss
    What can I say? I was a weird child.
  6. John Mayer
    Flutter, flutter
  7. Robert Sheehan
    When I wasn't allowed to stay up late and I did anyway and I discovered this chap on TV I thought I hit the jackpot
  8. Ron Weasley
    The character not Rupert Grint I fell for how pathetic he was. Good times.
  9. Laura Jane Grcae
    Hardcore crushed on her when I was in my punk phase. Still lover her.
  10. Freddie Fox
    He was in drag at the time oooh boy
  11. Leo
    I don't even have to type the full name. You know ladies, you know.
  12. Heath Ledger