I've never been extremely prominent on social media. It's quite a recent thing, in fact. But I have gathered some of my old FB profile pictures and my newest Twitter ones that I am sure are just awful indeed.
  1. From 2011
  2. From 2011
  3. From 2012
    Literally the worst attempt at the Joker makeup from the DK
  4. N/D 2012-ish
    I had a grumpy phase
  5. From 2013
    I'm sporting the KP wonk eye here
  6. From 2014
  7. N/D 2014-ish
  8. From 2015
    Christmas Day ✨
  9. From 2015
    Old-ish from the start of the year
  10. From 2015
    From the summer if I recall
  11. From 2015
    Most recent of me ft. My cleft chin. Good times.