I've never been extremely prominent on social media. It's quite a recent thing, in fact. But I have gathered some of my old FB profile pictures and my newest Twitter ones that I am sure are just awful indeed.
  1. From 2011
    Baa0c27d 05c0 45b4 b51f c80f48afbb2a
  2. From 2011
    09dbcc8b b794 4a8f b507 fef9c1f56b24
  3. From 2012
    57bf0a51 b35b 4e87 9acb 7db212e3d9f4
    Literally the worst attempt at the Joker makeup from the DK
  4. N/D 2012-ish
    E3a31f01 a546 4a2c 8b86 c7190df297d0
    I had a grumpy phase
  5. From 2013
    13f940af 637e 4d59 9f50 3730daa3251e
    I'm sporting the KP wonk eye here
  6. From 2014
    75c13b3a f619 44c7 a1b7 efd9324c1db1
  7. N/D 2014-ish
    2614e5c3 a9ae 4d8d 9a6c 341d6192fced
  8. From 2015
    07b1703d 475a 458b 9ba5 b6b263a65f7f
    Christmas Day ✨
  9. From 2015
    Bb5ab213 f7cd 4eb5 b08a 5269e6d64119
    Old-ish from the start of the year
  10. From 2015
    Adc6b90e c9e2 4a15 a8e6 a328195c5b1c
    From the summer if I recall
  11. From 2015
    026cc3bc 8cae 432d 910b 9528547330bb
    Most recent of me ft. My cleft chin. Good times.