1. Making Playlists
    "I need to make a playlist before I start studying" *spends 1 hour + picking @john songs just to end up dancing to them instead of having them casually playing in the background*
  2. Checking Social Media
    "I'll just get through these notifications so they are out of the way then I'll study" *beep beep* "I'll just get this one out of the way too" *beep beep* ffs!
  3. Sleep
    "I need to catch up on my sleep first or I won't be awake and alert enough to work" *2pm* "five more minutes"
  4. The weekend
    "I'm going to be so productive!" *contemplates the stress of studying instead of studying*
  5. Making Lists 😉 @bjnovak
    "I have so much work to get done.. I know what will help! I'll make a list!"