I'm from California, everything should have an avocado on it!
  1. Avo Toast
    Sauté a slice of sourdough baguette in olive oil to golden brown on each side. Immediately rub toast with raw garlic clove and season with salt. Smash half a ripe avocado on the toast. Top with maldon sea salt, black pepper, chili flake.
  2. Guacamole. Duh!
    Trick is to marinate your chopped red onion in lime juice + salt for 5 minutes before adding everything else. And I'm a purist, I vote no on tomatoes in my guac.
  3. Avocado burritos
    Sub out meat for a whole avocado next time you're at a taqueria!
  4. Avocado milkshakes
    Avo + vanilla ice cream + milk + condensed milk + coffee is optional
  5. Avocado ice cream
  6. Yuzu avocado purée
    Great on as a spread for sandwiches, burgers, on fish crudos, chard octopus, anything needing fat and acid!
  7. Avocado + soy sauce + on white rice
    I grew up eating it like this, don't judge this Californian Asian!
  8. I dislike avocado in a hot application like fried or cooked or on a pizza, it's just not right