1. Vitamix blender
    Pulverizes everything! I use it to make the smoothest soups, purées, curry paste, chili and herb oils, nut milks, you can even make powders or ground spices with it.
  2. Microplane
    Perfect for zesting citrus, grating cheese, grating ginger
  3. Plastic japanese mandolin
    Get the $30 plastic japanese mandolin. Great for adding textures like sliced root vegetables for salads, potato gratin, julienning, root chips, shaving cheese
  4. Kitchen aid pasta attachment
    Automatic speed for quicker, even pasta rolling.
  5. U-shaped plastic peeler
    It's under $5, and will be the best peeler you'll ever use, great for shaving parmesan cheese too
  6. Kosher salt
    Every professional chef and restaurant uses kosher salt. If you're using iodize, ditch it!
  7. Red plastic scissors/sheers from a chinese market
    They are under $3, and are durable enough to cut into lobster shells to delicate herbs.
  8. Cheesecloth
    There's always a recipe at some point that needs cheesecloth and I never have it at home! Use it to make cheese, strain sauces or stocks, strain out liquid from cooked spinach, cure a side of salmon
  9. Kitchen aid
    It will change your baking life!
  10. A small Teflon frying pan
    I usually say no to Teflon unless it's breakfast time! It's your best friend for egg cookery
  11. Mortar and pestle
    Great for making herb rubs, ground spices, chimichurri, smashed garlic
  12. Cast iron skillet
    I use it to fry eggs, make cornbread, stuffing, biscuits, fry chicken, pancakes, it's just great for everything and cost about $25
  13. Spice grinder
    Perfect for your morning coffee grounds or grinding your own spice blend. I also use it to make vegetable/fruit powders by dehydrating the vegetable/fruit before grinding