Searching for that dough
  1. Tartine Bakery
    My favorite sourdough in the city - crusty, airy, chewy and not overly sour
  2. The Mill
    If you like dense, hearty, while wheat sourdoughs...this is your place. An assortment of toasts with jams, nut butters, honey
  3. Marla bakery
    Levain style bread
  4. Trouble
    My favorite toast in the city - sort of fluffy, brioche style toast rather than a sourdough
  5. Andytown coffee
    Soda breads
  6. Arizmendi
    Their sourdough is crustier, not very chewy. They have awesome pizza dough, coffee cakes, muffins and scones
  7. Outerlands
    Their sourdough comes in a shape of a loaf pan so it's a bit denser but great for morning toast.
  8. Jane bakery
    Yea they have sourdough olive breads but I'm all about their croissants
  9. Noe Valley Bakery
    Fig bread. Full stop.
    Suggested by @seantimberlake