1. Not much since I signed my life away
    Ask me next year. 😜
  2. I shared a bunk bed with katsuji
    I had the bottom bunk 😒👎
  3. Our house snack were Cheetos wrapped in roast beef and siracha
  4. Yes, Padma is that tall, skinny, beautiful and eats everything!
    It's quite impressive!
  5. Me, Mei and Gregory were the only ones that went sober
  6. Microphone straps chafe
    And get sweaty and smelly.
  7. There's never enough time during the challenges, but there's always time to build forts in the stew room
  8. Adam and I went to culinary school together
    But when I knew him, he didn't have tattoos, long hair, or facial hair so I didn't recognize him initially