1. High quality olive oil
  2. Fresh herbs
  3. Dried chiles
    I like guajillo and ancho
  4. Citrus
    Lemons, limes, oranges are great for vinaigrettes or to add depth of flavor to your roasts.
  5. Agrumato lemon oil
  6. Sherry vinegar
  7. Black garlic
    I add it to sauces, rubs, stews
  8. Beer
    It comes in handy with steaming shellfish, braising meats, or grilling a beer can chicken
  9. Fresh sourdough bread
    I live in SF, it's a staple!
  10. Yuzu
  11. Anchovies
    So great to brighten up grilled vegetables or to add to a vinaigrette
  12. Bonito flakes
  13. Whole grains
    Farro, quinoa, black rice, barley, wheat berries