2017 Adventures and Vacations

  1. January
    I had surgery days before Christmas so I wasn't able to go anywhere.
  2. February
  3. March
    A quick jaunt to Kansas City to off start spring break
  4. April
    Kansas City to see John Mayer on cd release day - April 14, 2017. Oklahoma a few times - all for performances/gigs (steel pans and bagpipes - not together)
  5. May
    More of the same in Oklahoma - just bag pipes this time around
  6. June
    18 days of awesome adventure. Michigan for Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds. Pennsylvania for Dead and Company. Chicago for the bagpipes. Maine for 8 glorious days with a dear friend.
  7. July
    A trip to Colorado might be in the works...
  8. August
    School starts again
  9. September
  10. October
    A return trip to Maine??
  11. November
    Perhaps a ski adventure is in order?? Or maybe I shouldn't chance my terrible luck
  12. December
    I'm hoping dead and company does a New Year's Eve show this year....tickets to Vegas are cheap and I can drive from there to LA....