Laundry Day: making my own detergent for $25

•Firstly, I struggled to pull the liquid container off of the shelf (because to get a good deal you have to buy a huge container), and it was impossible to lift. •Secondly, I hate the plastic cup that you put the liquid in. Now I have to rinse the cup before I can put it back because if I don't, I get soap all over the cabinet. Yuck!
  1. Borax - 4lb 1oz box
  2. Super Washing Soda - 3lb 7oz box
  3. Oxi-Clean - 3lb container
  4. Baking Soda - 4lb box
    yes, it really does come in a four pound box - you can find it on the laundry detergent aisle
  5. Zote Soap OR Fels-Naptha - 2 bars
    The zote soap is very soft (and comes in 2 varieties: white and pink) while the fels-naptha is hard. I personally use one of each. After reading the packages, zote soap is just that - soap. The fels-naptha is a laundry soap and a stain remover. I also just like the 2 colors together in the final mix :)
  6. Pyrex Crystals or Other - 55oz
    Depending on how "perfumey" you like your laundry, you might want a third bottle. Choose your brand and your scent, there are MANY to choose from - or mix and match like I did.
  7. Cut the bars of soap into smaller pieces and grate them in the food processor
  8. Combine all ingredients and mix
  9. I store mine in a glass container and use a tiny measuring cup to dispense.
  10. How much soap to use
    I use about 2 tablespoons (1/8 cup) for a small/medium load and 4 tablespoons (1/4 cup) for a large+ load
  11. Note on HE washing machines
    I did a lot of research before I put powder detergent in my washing machine. The trick with the he machine is less soap because they use less water. (Think back to the older washing machines when we would use a cup of powder detergent for a medium load)
  12. I made my first batch of detergent last October and it lasted me 10 months!!!
    I would say I did an average of 5 loads a week. Even if it only lasts you a month, you still come out ahead monetarily over the liquid gain and liquid clorox (those two items together will run $30+)
  13. I LOVE it and won't go back to liquid!!
    I felt like the clothes were sometimes still dirty with the liquid or had a soapy feel to them. This recipe doesn't leave that residue on my clothes.