1. Age 2 - I broke my left collarbone by falling out of bed and onto a plastic sink
  2. Age 8 - riding a bicycle too big for me, I feel and knocked out most of my permanent front tooth.
  3. Age 14 - I broke my left collarbone again while ice skating around trying to be a pretty pretty princess.
  4. Age 15 - oral surgery to remove 4 impacted wisdom teeth. I had a poor reaction to the anesthesia and vomited blood for 14 hours.
  5. Age 17 - rollover car accident in a 1910 automobile. Massive concussion resulting in two black eyes, a huge goose egg on the back of my head as well as multiple compression fractures and bulging discs. T10 & T11: compression fractures T12-L1: paracentral disc bulge T3-T4, T4-T5, T6-T7, T7-T8, T10-T11: thoracic disc bulges
  6. Age 20 - broke my left foot while participating in a drum and bugle corps during the summer.
  7. Age 21 - put my left wrist through a glass door resulting in multiple cuts on the wrist and down the left leg.
  8. Age 30 - concussion from whacking my head on the undercarriage of a bus while loading luggage.
  9. Age 32 - surgery to repair a torn left meniscus and removal of scar tissue with grade III chondromalacia. Right knee is in the same condition minus the meniscus tear.
  10. Age 32 - possible strain to right bicep or right rotator cuff (MRI was negative for a tear).
  11. Age 33 - stable bilateral spondylolysis with grade 1 anterolisthesis of L5 on S1 (scotty dog fractures in pars interarticularis (the vertebrae wings) and forward slipping of the disc)
  12. Age 34 - surgery to repair the torn supraspinatus tendon in the left rotator cuff.