1. Basal Cell Carcinoma
  2. Nodular Pattern
  3. It was removed from my scalp last week
  4. I went in today to have the stitches removed and the nurse just says real nonchalantly "so it WAS basal cell carcinoma, that's the good kind"
  5. I didn't realize there was a good kind.
  6. I've done a little research now
    It's a common skin cancer and it does not normally metastasize. 60-80% of the people that have BCC have the nodular variety and it is easily removed.
  7. No further tests or treatments were recommended.
  8. I feel okay saying I had skin cancer removed.
  9. I feel a little worried that there could be more.
  10. Wear sunscreen.
  11. Mostly people burn their skin severely enough between ages 6-10 with a few BAD sunburns and the damage is done.
  12. HOWEVER, that does not mean one should go bake in the sun to really cement that damage.
    Wear the sunscreen to prevent further damage. A big hole in the nose will not be pretty.
  13. Location: it was a 1/2 inch from my hairline at my forehead.
  14. Timeline
    I saw it in February & thought it was an ingrown hair & left it alone. It started to hurt in March/April so I poked it with a needle. Clear fluid came out. The next morning, the place I poked was flat and the bump, although smaller, had moved to the right. I left it alone to heal. At the end of May I poked it again and once again, next morning, the place I poked was flat and the bump had moved forward. I went to the doctor in July & waited a week for removal. It did get bigger over those 7 days.
  15. The doctor did a punch biopsy
    I can only trust that she removed all of it. I worry because of the way it was moving around.
  16. So, I guess I say: Today I learned I had cancer?
  17. Update: I still have cancer. The doctor only did a biopsy and I learned this today when I got a call from the surgery scheduler. I freaked out a little bit. Apparently the nurse 'forgot' to tell me that I needed to have another procedure. So now I sit and wait 10 days for the next appointment where they will hopefully get it all this time.
  18. I did think it was weird that I wasn't being sent to a dermatologist for a follow-up....clerical error apparently
  19. Thursday morning I will have Mohs surgery to remove it.
    If you are diagnosed with bcc I strongly suggest finding a mohs surgeon to take care of it. Have a surgeon excise the area is fine - but then it has to be sent to the lab and check to make sure the borders are clear. Mohs surgery takes a little bit of the skin at a time, puts it under a microscope and checks for clean borders while you wait - they get it all right there, one appointment.