Playlist For Labor Day Weekend

So, labor day weekend. It's suppose to remind us of us. Everyday laborers. This is not a cohesive list, it is just my list. Oh,... no special order.
  1. Sixteen Tons
    Tennessee Ernie Ford. Caution this song contains implied violence, unbelievable strength and inexcapable servitude (aka slavery).
  2. Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)
    Marvin Gaye. If you don't know where you are but you know what he's singing about, welcome to the inner city.
  3. Hard Work
    John Handy. The title says it all.
  4. Hard Out Here
    Lily Allen. She uses some words you may not use on a daily basis but you've probably heard them before.
  5. Stayin' Alive
    Bee Gees. Listen to the content. That's all I'm gonna say.
  6. Hard To Be an Outlaw
    Willie Nelson. Ageism
  7. Keep On Truckin'
    Eddie Kendricks. OK I just like the beat and I hum it when I need to keep "laboring". How's that?
  8. She Works Hard For the Money
    Donna Summer. Did you know this song used to be controversial?
  9. One of These Days
    Santana. Don't step over the line.