Because some people actually need instructions. (In no particular order)
  1. Start from a place of love and/or kindness.
    Whatever you do, start with the intention rooted in love - even if you don't love the person you're doing it for or don't love what you're doing.
  2. Be considerate.
    Before you do something, think of how it will impact others. If you wouldn't want that impact happening to you, then don't do it.
  3. Think before you speak.
    Taking two seconds to think about how what you're going to say is going to come across or what your words will do - can save you from needing to repair damage later on, especially in today's digital age. Filters are good.
  4. Defend the defenseless.
    Always stand up for the underdog or those too scared to stand up for themselves. If you see something happening that shouldn't be happening, step in and say or do something to change the situation.
  5. Be polite.
    Say hello, smile at strangers, say please and thank you and actually mean it, hold open doors and elevators ... that kind of thing.
  6. Don't talk shit.
    Don't talk shit about people. No one likes it when it's done to them - so don't do it to other people. Just don't.
  7. Offer to help (and mean it).
    Everyone needs help and almost everyone hates, or is terrible at, asking for it. When you say "let me know how I can help" really mean it and sometimes just figure out a way to help without being asked.
  8. Be honest.
    Honesty is truly the best policy. But honesty can sometimes be the hardest approach to take. Regardless, do your best to do it tactfully and timely.
  9. Be kind.
    Good people are genuinely kind ... kind to strangers, kind to animals, kind to themselves.
  10. Be good.
    Hopefully you're internal, inherent moral compass isn't too far off and you have a strong sense of right and wrong and if you listen to it, it will guide you to what's right, what's good. If you don't, and that compass is broken, refer to the above guidance.