1. Lilah
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    I had a blast bonding with my little niece this visit - we went on a walk, she admired my earrings & told me I was pretty! And I must have made an impression on her too - my mom texted me this morning and said that she'd been asking for me. So we facetimed a little while I was at work today. Miss the sweetie already.
  2. Picnic at grandma's house
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    My fun & awesome 93 year old grandma lives on the edge of this cornfield in a tiny town of 200. We took over a couple of buckets of KFC and hung out for a few hours on her deck. It was not nearly long enough but it was fabulous.
  3. Five-year-olds playing flag football
    Went to Sam's last football game - adorable!
  4. Hanging out at my brother's house
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    We relaxed on the porch while the kids played
  5. Knowing that mom was home safe from her "vacation" to Afghanistan
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    Yeah that really happened - she lost a tooth and had to go to a Tajikistani dentist but other than that it was pretty uneventful
  6. Catching up with my cousin
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    Cindy & her daughter stopped by and had dinner with us...yummy beef stew!
  7. Oktoberfest
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    Things hadn't really started up yet but it was a gorgeous day and it was interesting walking around. Plus I enjoyed a Shiner Bock.
  8. Picking apples at my mom's house
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    So glad that my dad planted those trees!