1. Charlie Victor Romeo
    Black box transcripts of airline emergencies. Bonkers!
  2. Kids For Cash
    Wack ass judge sentencing kids to prison in exchange for chedda. Bonkers!
  3. Finding Vivian Maier
    Bonkers chick who took a ton of photos and never showed anyone.
  4. Kung Fu Elliot
    Delusional Canadian martial arts filmmaker. Bonkers!
  5. Going Clear
    L Ron Bonkers!
  6. Let The Fire Burn
    The 1985 radical group MOVE was bombed by the Philly police. Bonkers!
  7. Kobe Bryant's Muse
    This got dark. Kobe is a bonkers person.
  8. Stories We Tell
    Sarah Polley's life is bonkers!
  9. The Woman Who Wasn't There
    Lying ass ho talking about 9/11. Bonkers.