Warning: depressing
  1. Wake up feeling overwhelmed. Drink some coffee/tea and feel less overwhelmed.
  2. Think about all the things you need to do. Feel overwhelmed by them.
  3. Look at your yoga class app. Contemplate scheduling an appointment. Feel overwhelmed.
  4. Take anti-depressants. Wonder if they're working or if you need to increase your dosage.
  5. Start to work on something. Feel good about yourself.
  6. Get distracted by things. Feel bad about yourself.
  7. Go to a Kmart commercial audition and jump around like a ballerina eating cookies (this list is very specific).
  8. Feel energized and like you accomplished something.
  9. Contemplate the meaning of life.
  10. Force yourself to eat something healthy even though you're not hungry.
  11. Find a documentary on Netflix.
  12. Sleep.
  13. Repeat.