I don't ever have parties for myself because it feels strange and selfish and I'm way too insecure to think everyone I invited would show up.
  1. 23rd: my best friend and her boyfriend surprised me with a half eaten dominos pizza
  2. 25th: at Coachella with my Canadian boyfriend who was too tired to watch Paul McCartney. So we left... just as he started singing The Long and Winding Road
  3. 26th: Coachella again. My friends forgot it was my birthday until 9pm, but they brought me cupcakes while I was watching Hot Chip. I threw one into the crowd. When we got back to our house I put on a bear costume and did whip its.
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  4. 27th: flying back from a Caribbean cruise through a thunderstorm and I thought I was going to die. (There are worse places to be flying from)
  5. 28th: wearing this shirt.
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  6. 29th: in London. My boyfriend was too busy making a movie so his assistant brought me flowers. Then we went to a restaurant HE was dying to go to the next night. A week later he broke up with me over the phone before I had to board a 10 hour flight.
  7. 31st: POSTING THIS LIST. (Jk, I ate ice cream for breakfast, it's been great so far)