1. Lil Kim is the inspiration for Cookie Lyon's hardcore feminine attitude.
    Queen Bee worked hard to make herself a success, but she's also an objectified sex symbol. She represents female independence and sexual liberation amongst a world dominated by men. Cookie isn't afraid to assert her feminine power over Luscious Lyon, and turn the table on the man who used her. These ladies embrace their power and don't let themselves get reduced to what's between their legs.
  2. Jennifer Aniston should be getting more props.
    She called out Angelina Jolie in Vogue for stealing her man AND invented the Rachel.
  3. No, Belle Knox, porn is not empowering for women.
    I'm not against porn, but I think it takes away women's credibility in an abusive way. Some women can turn it into a very lucrative career, like Sasha Grey, but that's one exception out of many. No girl should have to put numbing cream on her asshole to prepare for an anal fucking scene, so she can afford to buy a textbook. Belle talking about her porn experiences (or how she perceives her fantasy porn career) is unhealthy and dangerous to young girls who think the porn industry is all glam.
  4. Gaby Hoffman's character on Transparent is an amazing role model.
    She's unemployed, in her twenties, and tried to have a threesome with her trainer. She's also very smart, depressed, still coddled, but wants to reinvent herself. Everyone has a little bit of Gaby Hoffman in them.
  5. How Joan Didion predicted Hillary Clinton would be president in 1972.
    Her essay "The Women's Movement" is about the second wave of feminism and how difficult it is to be seen as delicate. Although it comes off a little misogynistic, I think she breaks down all the tipping points that lead us to modern feminism.
  6. Sim City's lack of a woman president is sexist.
    It's 2015 you dingbats. Get with the times.