That moment when a light bulb turns on and you know it'll never work.
  1. He made a "Uranus" joke.
  2. He cheated on me with a 17 year old (It's legal in NY)
  3. He wore a feather headband to coachella and "kinda liked it"
  4. He stomped through my apartment with his "vintage" boots at 7am while my roommate was sleeping and didn't understand how that was rude.
  5. He turned 50 (49 didn't seem that bad).
  6. He told ME he loved me.
  7. He got upset when I accidentally deleted American Idol from his DVR.
  8. He wore shoes with a square toe.
  9. He bragged about getting butt dialed by Adrian Grenier.
  10. He wore double denim.
  11. He said he didn't like Radiohead.
    The ultimate sin.