I've never been super girly and it makes me feel so uncomfortable when I try.
  1. I've had one manicure in my entire life
    What's the point? I paint my nails myself.
  2. I hate wearing heels
    I'll wear them if I HAVE to. I never really figured out how to walk in them, even in my modeling days.
  3. I rarely get my hair done
    I trim it and dye it myself, until it looks like a 9 year old did it then I make myself go to a salon.
  4. I own 4 dresses
    And they are mostly for auditions
  5. In elementary school my best friend was a boy.
    And I only wanted to hang out with him and his friends, to play video games and sports.
  6. I'm bad at comforting boyfriends
    Each one of them has told me I'm the least affectionate girl they've dated.
  7. I have a hard time making girl friends
    I know so many awesome girls and would love to be closer to them, but I'm so bad at opening myself up to connect. I can hang out with dudes because I just make jokes and talk about bullshit, but I feel slightly insecure when I'm around awesome women.
  8. I rarely wear a bra
    It's like the seventies in my apartment.
  9. I'm terrible at makeup
    Despite my years of sitting around getting my makeup done, I never paid attention to what works or how I'm supposed to do it. I usually put on some concealer and mascara and that's it.
  10. I always thought I was meant to be born a boy
    My teeth are big, my ears are big, my boobs are small, and I was taller than all the boys growing up. I played every sport and got really happy when I would win against dudes.
  11. I finally got my ears pierced last year
    But they annoy me and I always leave them out for too long and have to poke them through my ear skin. It hurts.
  12. But, I am a woman
    Sometimes I do feel feminine and pretty, and I wear skirts, but as soon as I get home it all comes off and I wear t-shirts and underwear and watch basketball.