I've been waiting for @fisackerly to request this list...
  1. Sent me a Facebook message in 2012
    After my 'airplane stunt' he found me on the Internet and said I was funny.
  2. I knew him from the movie Catfish
    This was pre-MTV show.
  3. Picked me up on his motorcycle
    We went to Larchmont and ate cupcakes. He asked about my blog because he wanted to start one. He was super nice. We also talked about how we wanted to stay single for while and work on ourselves.
  4. We texted for a while but I started dating someone else
    He invited me over to watch the premiere of Catfish but I was taken. I told him his show was great. He hates texting, he would always call me. I hate talking. I heard he started dating a musician. Cool.
  5. He texted last summer to ask how I was
    I said good, then he told me he was on an airplane to NYC for his first book signing. I said okay cool.
  6. A few months later he called out of the blue
    I sent it to voicemail. He said he wanted to see if I would like to eat dinner and talk about the controversy about his book (some women said he was an abuser and asshole). I was recently publicly fired from xoJane so he thought we'd be able to relate on having haters. I declined.
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  8. The end.
    There you go, @fisackerly