Inspired by @shannon's undateable list
  1. Enjoys watching my favorite TV shows and eating ice cream while doing so.
    Bachelorette, Silicon Valley, John Oliver, & Married At First Sight.
  2. Likes books and has book recommendations.
    Or just reads anything. Something. (Extra points if you wrote a book)
  3. Fixes/makes/builds/creates things
    Has ideas and wants to add creativity to the world.
  4. Has a goddamn sense of humor
    Isn't just funny, but clever and smart. I need to want to step up my joke game.
  5. Wears jeans that fit
    This is more important than you think.
  6. Plays sports/exercises regularly
    Not having competition for a game of horse is not how I want to live.
  7. Asks me if I'm okay
    Just for no reason, because they care.
  8. Is comfortable talking to my friends/family
    It makes me very happy when a dude can talk to my dad for hours about baseball.
  9. Enjoys 90s music
    If you switch the station from Third Eye Blind I will cut you.
  10. Doesn't look at phone in middle of conversation
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    This happened to me and the only thing that can describe my reaction is the Butthead face.
  11. Is taller than me
    I'm 5'9.
  12. Doesn't talk about famous people
    I could give a shit if you know the guy in a Dairy Queen commercial or if you "worked on a project" with a dude on an episode of Breaking Bad. It's actually more of a turn off than anything.
  13. Is independent
    I love being by myself. You should too. If I don't return a text message within an hour, don't freak out.
  14. Likes food
    I love trying new foods and restaurants. Grilled cheeses are great and all, but occasionally I want to eat some crazy shit.
  15. Loves nature
    The outdoors and middle of nowhere makes me very happy. Lakes, mountains, grass, trees...
  16. Appreciates animals
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    If you don't love my cat I don't love you.