1. "How are they gonna take my baby away? I bathe him once a week, they trying to tell me that ain't enough."
  2. This person sleeping below this sign:
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  3. A man looking at MySpace on the public computers.
  4. A woman carrying a plastic bag full of other plastic bags.
  5. "Did they call my name?" A woman asked me. "I don't think so." I replied. I have no idea what her name is.
  6. "Yo ass shoulda been paying child support, I don't feel sorry for you."
  7. A man watching a Bruce Springsteen video on his phone.
  8. "Look at that sassy walk" a man said to me while I was walking around for 30 mins trying to find the juror assembly room.
  9. "Hazard reported ahead! Get down!" Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice said this from my phone as I walked into the courthouse because I forgot to turn off Waze.
  10. A woman reading the vuvuzela Wikipedia page on the public computers.