English is her second language
  1. "Hold please..." This is when Dania can see I'm getting annoyed and just about to disagree with some idea she's selling. Usually she puts one index finger in the air to emphasize the pause
  2. "...At a price" Dania usually says this in a run-thru to justify including some questionable items
  3. StomACK. As in "this bodysuit would really show off the stomACK" or we really need to see more stomACK
  4. "Barbies" This Dania's nickname for our CD, Barbara.Two funny things about this: Barbara wears only black (sometimes white). Dania likes to pluralize words but she really means Barbie doll, singular.
  5. "Ooh la la" This is what Dania says when we're looking at perhaps a fashion story in another magazine that maybe went a little too far in the wrong direction. Like a bit 😬. But it's said more in a sympathetic, sad way. I think she's inherited this from her former French boss.