1. Pray
    The most important goal of all.
  2. Read The Bible daily
    Seems like a a no-brainer, but it's easy to put the word of God in the back of a list when it should be the top priority.
  3. Read 46 books
    I make time and clear my schedule to read. I love to read which explains why I'm a homebody and I've become a snacker.
  4. Love
    I have loved before, but I want to learn how to love completely regardless of flaws. This is a lifelong goal.
  5. Take a class
    I have a wide range of interests, some I excel at, others I need to learn. I'm thinking cooking for this year since it seems like it would be the most practical.
  6. Forgive
    Hard work that frees the soul.
  7. Sleep
    I have been a troubled sleeper for over seven years, it's either I spend the whole day sleeping or I don't sleep at all. Mostly, I'm very tired yet restless.
  8. Treat Nausea
    There's always a bout of nausea to deal with after I eat ANYTHING. This can't be normal.
  9. Eat breakfast
    I haven't eaten breakfast regularly since I was about 15. It's a necessary, healthy habit I need to re-cultivate.
  10. Start building an Art collection
    The word collection makes it all sound obscene and extravagant, but I want to support local and foreign artists by buying great pieces that speak to me.