I am a big fan of Lifetime movies even if the stories are always predictable and over the top. I have noticed many plot similarities every time and the cliches are too much.
  1. The psychotic killer who always has a mental illness
    People who kill are not normal, that doesn't mean they suffer from a mental illness either. I have never seen a protagonist who is handsome/beautiful, smart, kind, funny, AND has a mental illness. Which brings us to...
  2. The person who is assumed to be the villain just because the protagonist happens to find her meds in the medicine cabinet.
    They usually turn out to be.
  3. The person who is automatically assumed to be the villain once it is revealed he/she has been in a mental institution.
    They usually turn out to be.
  4. The sound of horror in people's voices when they find out someone has been institutionalized.
    People who suffer from mental illness are stigmatized enough in real life. Please make it stop. 🙄
  5. The minority detective
    This character is almost always Black, sometimes Asian and you can tell it was either a last-minute casting decision or a a last-minute casting decision to show "diversity"
  6. The guy who conveniently sleeps with the villain but rejects her when it becomes inconvenient
    And is quick to call her crazy.
  7. Sexuality as Personality
    See the point below.
  8. A sexually active, most of the time attractive girl who happens to be a demented psychopath.
    The good girl or protagonist in this instance is always shown to be very plain in looks and personality. Not that the actress is ugly, but she's always made out to be very wholesome-TV-ish.
  9. The Latina or Dark-Haired beauty who is a temptress and troublemaker at work.
  10. The Rape Victim who has to do something terribly wrong and illegal to get justice.
    Rape is an extremely difficult subject at any given time, in any format, but for a channel that has claimed to be for women, Lifetime handles it poorly on screen.
  11. A smart, successful woman who sees a guy once and becomes ready to do just about anything for him including murder.
    Let's just stop with the women are desperate psychos shtick. 🙄
  12. The woman who has fertility issues and does everything to have a baby including kidnapping and murder.
    Women who are going through infertility are not monsters.
  13. The surrogacy trap
    Instead of using their platform to educate viewers about such controversial subject, Lifetime always has a villain who blatantly flirts with the husband, then gets pregnant solely to keep the baby...and said husband. 🙄
  14. The Evil Nanny
    Or babysitter. I saw "Hands that rock the cradle", it was well done with superb acting, but ever since then it seems every other movie with nanny subjects is a cheap parody. Also, there's an underlying sense of trying to make working mothers guilty. (Because if a woman dares to go back to work after a baby, all she can get is an evil person who wants her family)
  15. The woman who is NEVER believed when she is harassed
    Or feel uncomfortable or assaulted until her life is hanging by a thread. I understand this usually happens in real life, I wish I didn't have to see it depicted on screen so poorly.
  16. The Alcoholic
    This person is either 1) a man who lives in a trailer and wears dirty clothes, most likely a mechanic, 2) a man who lives in a mansion so mean he is terribly abusive to his family, or 3) The woman antagonist. There wouldn't be anything wrong with all of that except the person who is an alcoholic is seen as morally bankrupt and unscrupulous.
  17. The protagonist is always white
    Unless it's a biography, no one in the Lifetime universe has heard of African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, or Arabs unless of course the role is for a sidekick to the white protagonist, or a detective, or any other minor role.
  18. And Finally... The Victim who never gets professional help.
    I mostly watch mysteries where there's a killer/stalker who torments the protagonist from the beginning. The body count is always high and at least one person close to the main actor will die or their parent. After the villain is arrested or killed, the protagonist goes on with her life like nothing, drinks her wine with her man or gets married.