I hold a lot of things in because I hate confrontation, but sometimes I just want to "fart and walk away;" you know, release the built up pressure and leave someone else to deal with the stink left behind.
  1. To M: I know you're cheating on him. I've known for years, but I don't know how to tell you I know. So every time you "work late" on Friday night, don't expect me to pick up the phone on Saturday. Or Sunday. Maybe not even Monday. Because I know what you were doing and it makes me sad. For him. For you. For the lies you are both living.
  2. To R: If I had a dollar for every time someone told me how awesome you are; how helpful, how selfless, how generous you are with your time I'd have several hundred dollars to spend on therapy to get over the fact that you are pretty much none of those things towards me anymore. Is that just who you are now? or is it because of her?
  3. To L: I've tried. For so long I've tried, but now I think I'm done. And it's ok. It's a shame though because I waited my whole life for a sister and instead of getting one, I just feel like I've lost a brother.
  4. To S: You. Are. A. Miserable. Human. Being. I don't know what happened to you in a past life, but in this one you are an ass. You direct so much anger towards other people and I suspect it's because you have so much hate towards yourself. You need help. You need to deal with what's eating at you. And you need to do it before you destroy yourself.