1. ...still 96 away.
  2. ...the amount in liter bottles of harmful methane gas one cow can belch and fart in one day.
  3. ...the http status code for a bad client request.
  4. ...the square of 20.
  5. ...the annual batting average statistic last accomplished by Ted Williams in 1941.
  6. ...the number of people included on the annual Forbes list of wealthiest, most famous, or most powerful people.
  7. ...the square miles needed to lay out one hundred billion one dollar bills.
  8. ...hours it took a Hitachi supercomputer to compute pi to 1.34 trillion digits.
  9. ...number of people who could easily fit into the mouth of a blue whale.
  10. ...miles of blood vessels in the brain.
  11. ...number of women rumored to have served in the Civil War by pretending to be men.
  12. ...weight in pounds of each container of tea that was thrown overboard during the Boston Tea Party.
  13. ...number of men it took to carve out Mount Rushmore over a 14 year period.