Today is going to be a flood of happy Mother's Day stories. This list is for those people who aren't going to have that. The people who are going to struggle to just get through the day.
  1. If your mother died and today is just an agonizing reminder, I see you.
  2. If you are trying to become a mother but feel like a failure because your body isn’t cooperating, I see you.
  3. If god forbid you've felt the loss of a child, I see you.
  4. If you’re a trans woman who wishes she could give birth one day, I see you.
  5. If society sees you as a woman but you don’t identify as one and feel dysphoric or erased on Mother’s Day, I see you.
  6. If you are a mother but don’t know where your child is or if they’re safe, I see you.
  7. If your mother doesn’t love you, I see you.
  8. If people pass judgment because you aren’t going to call or visit your mother, I see you.
  9. If you visit your mother and hate every moment of it, I see you.
  10. If someone won’t drop the subject when you try to talk about something besides Mother’s Day, I see you.
  11. If you feel like an unlovable monster, I see you.
  12. If today is a choice between your sanity and the obligations society has thrust upon you and you choose your sanity, I see you.
  13. If all you want to do today is hide inside and ignore the rest of the world, I see you.
  14. If you face today with bittersweet memories, I see you.
  15. If you face today with sadness, I see you.
  16. If you face today with anger, I see you.
  17. If you have a hard time with Mother’s Day for any reason, I see you.