1. People don't want handmade/homemade gifts, do they?
  2. Seriously...
  3. They just want gift cards so they can go get whatever mass produced item their heart desires, right?
  4. Right!
  5. So I am completely justified in keeping this, right?!
  6. Because the person I made it for would much prefer a candle, right?!
  7. Or some bath products from bath and body works, right?!
  8. Or some chocolate, right?!
  9. Maybe some Extra Care Bucks from CVS, right?!
  10. But certainly not this stupid,
  11. ugly
  12. light up Harry Potter wand box, right?!
  13. Or that stupid ugly handcrafted paint brush wand, right?!
  14. So, it's been decided, right?
  15. It's mine, right?!
  16. Good talk, guys!