1. For much of my life I haven't really been much of a yes person. I was more of a maybe, and far too often a no kind of girl. It is easy to say no. To say yes, you have to sweat and roll up your sleeves and plunge both hands into life up to the elbows.
  2. I have been content to sit on the sidelines in a variety of ways. "I don't want to," was often followed by an explanation that didn't necessarily lack in logic, but was lacking in providing an alternative way to take part in things that didn't initially suit my fancy.
  3. But it's time to stop making so many excuses and start saying Yes.
  4. Yes to that happy hour invite that doesn't suit my schedule.
  5. Yes to dinner reservations when it would be so much easier to just make grilled cheese at home.
  6. Yes to making that phone call.
  7. Yes to sending that text.
  8. Yes to extending an invitation.
  9. Yes to accepting one.
  10. Yes to splashing in the puddles after a rainstorm.
  11. Yes to making time for a new friend.
  12. Yes to making time for an old one.
  13. Yes to sharing that secret.
  14. Yes to laughing out loud.
  15. Yes to not being jealous.
  16. Yes to empathy.
  17. Yes to seeing the other side.
  18. Yes to finally realizing the joy of being happy for someone else.
  19. Yes to admitting that what I thought I wanted might have changed.
  20. Yes to standing up for myself when its worth it,
  21. and yes to letting other things just go.
  22. Yes to realizing that saying no to one thing can be yes to another.
  23. Yes to being the kind of person other people want to approach.
  24. Yes to me.
  25. For the first time in a long time, I am trying to actively make choices to better myself, and who I am for others, and I hope the season of yes represents this.
  26. Because Yes is so much better.