1. Growing up I always heard the saying and I wondered how a penny could change your luck.
  2. You can't buy anything for a penny these days.
  3. There are no penny arcades.
  4. No penny slots.
  5. No penny candy.
  6. So why would I wanna pick it up and carry it around with me all day?
  7. Also, apparently only half of those found pennies are lucky.
  8. But you don't know which it is until you bend down to pick it up.
  9. And then what do you do if it's tails?
  10. Pretend like you were tying your shoe and hope no one noticed?
  11. Pick it up anyway and curse yourself with bad luck?
  12. See, it's just easier to leave the pennies for someone who believes in the magic.
  13. But this morning was different.
  14. Because the penny was neither heads nor tails.
  15. It was sitting perfectly upright.
  16. Stuck in the crack by my car.
  17. Determined to improve my luck, I picked it up and put it in my pocket.
  18. Where it lived alone.
  19. I felt it every time I put my had in there.
  20. I found myself subconsciously rubbing it when I was nervous.
  21. And then I started to feel calm.
  22. And centered.
  23. Was this what it was meant to bring me?
  24. Or was it something else?
  25. Perhaps something more tangible.
  26. Like these shoes.
  27. For just $0.01