1. Admit it, there is nothing better than checking the mail and finding something unexpected.
  2. Something addressed by hand.
  3. Something containing unknown surprises.
  4. Something created just for you.
  5. Intrigued?
  6. Wanna get in on that goodness?
  7. All you gotta do is share your address with me.
  8. I'm looking to brighten up mailboxes from coast to coast.
  9. Deliver some happy mail.
  10. Spread some joy.
  11. For you.
  12. But also for for me.
  13. The underlying truth is that I'm hoping this project will allow me to focus on something positive, put some good energy out into the world, and most importantly get outside my own head for a little while.
  14. And with this administration, those are good things for me right now.