Ahem @twisty, I'm talkin' 'bout you.
  1. I love that you love How to Get Away With Murder enough to check out the message boards.
    Don't be surprised if I start sending you all my conspiracy theories. Because I have them. Lots of them.
  2. We procrastinate in a very similar fashion:
  3. Your copious use of lil' shruggy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Cheese (specifically grilled cheese) seems to be its own food group, for you. It's impossible to hate someone who loves grilled cheese.
  5. Your sage advice for getting through a breakup is 💯 and I can only hope it hasn't been cultivated through too many 💔💔
  6. You understand how awesome it is to play tourist in your own town and that there's no reason to deprive yourself of a fun experience just because it's classified as touristy. Alcatraz? Do it. Disneyland? Do it. Big red bus tour around town? Do it. Life is an adventure, but only if you get out there and live it.
  7. You made it through an incredibly tough 2015 with grace. And style. And you maintained your sense of self (even if you didn't maintain your hair color 😉). You came out the other side stronger when most people would've used all the bad as an excuse to crumble.
  8. Given the amount of bad press police officers get these days, you still want to put on a uniform and make the streets safe. And I commend you for that...
  9. ... and you want to walk into this male dominated industry and kick ass. You want to educate. You want to improve a broken system. You want to challenge the status quo. There is nothing more inspiring than that!!!!
  10. This list ⬇️. But I'm not gonna say anything about it because I want everyone to click this and go read it themselves. It's heartwarming and made me want to go hug my mom.