1. You've fallen down the list wormhole
  2. You know what I'm talking about
  3. It 1:27 in the morning
  4. And you should be solidly asleep because the alarm is going to go off in 5 hours but instead you
  5. Click the list
  6. Read the comments
  7. Click on a user
  8. Scroll their lists
  9. Click a list
  10. Like
  11. Follow
  12. Relist
  13. Read more comments
  14. Click more new to you people
  15. Scroll
  16. Like
  17. Relist
  18. And suddenly you are seventeen users deep and you find that moment of brilliance and before you can like and follow and relist and gush about your love of the list
  19. The app stalls
  20. Your phone shuts it down.
  21. You start it all back up and hope beyond hope that by some miracle it will take you right back where you were, but nope.
  22. Sadly, you've already forgotten the pattern that lead you to the promised land
  23. And now you feel like you've lost the golden ticket on the way to the chocolate factory and you'll never be able to sample the everlasting gobstopper.