1. Let me tell you about my scars.
  2. For each one you can see, there are ten that you can't.
  3. And still others waiting just below the surface, not yet fully formed.
  4. Each is a chapter in a book not yet finished.
  5. They speak of trials.
  6. ...of family.
  7. ...of friends.
  8. ...of nights filled with sorrow and rage and tears so salty the oceans weep.
  9. ...of words spoken in the fiery breaths of anger and frustration.
  10. ...of love and loss and enough regret to fill a thousand graves.
  11. ...of mistakes.
  12. My mistakes.
  13. Lessons I've learned.
  14. Hopes I can share.
  15. Fears I will one day leave behind.
  16. I am them.
  17. And they are me.
  18. They've been with me,
  19. and they'll stay with me,
  20. forever.
  21. That's the thing about scars.
  22. They're permanent.
  23. Some people will find them ugly
  24. because they mar the skin,
  25. and taint the soul.
  26. But I try to find their beauty
  27. because within them lies the story of me.