1. ...number of bones a baby is born with.
  2. ...the highest score possible in bowling.
  3. ...number of pencils John Steinbeck used to write East of Eden
  4. ...not a prime number.
  5. ...represented as CCC in Roman numerals.
  6. ...the maximum velocity in ft/s of a shot paintball.
  7. ...the number of seats in the Hellenic Parliament.
  8. ...number of Greek soldiers Spartan King Leonidas led to hold off the invading Persian Army.
  9. ...number of times a hedgehog's heart beats per minute.
  10. ...the lowest recorded attendance at a World Cup game when Romania and Peru faced off in the inaugural match in 1930.
  11. ...the number of people I've conned into following me here. ❤️❤️❤️ you all!!! I tend to skulk about on the other social medias not sure where I really fit in. Some were too hot. Some were too cold. But this one right here? It feels just right.
    And a hearty welcome to @amber who pushed me over the edge today. On a side note: I totally watch a Lifetime movie if they cast you as Monica Lewinsky. Now to brainstorm your Bill Clinton, hmmmmm