1. Desensitized.
  2. Disconnected.
  3. Anesthetized.
  4. The feeling started at my toes and worked its way up, until it had completely consumed me.
  5. Eaten me alive.
  6. Devoured my emotions.
  7. Leaving me nearly barren.
  8. I closed myself off, trying to rehydrate the words that once flowed from my heart so easily.
  9. Words that have all but dried up.
  10. Some days I come so close, reaching out for them, only to watch them to crumble and turn to dust in my hand.
  11. The numbess has grown uncomfortable.
  12. And the walls are closing in.
  13. I just want to feel.
  14. Something.
  15. Anything.
  16. So I step outside into an apocalyptic world.
  17. A dark and toxic world.
  18. A world where thunder echoes through the night, and lightening splits up the sky.
  19. Where the air is clouded with poisonous gasses and everything is bleak, and stained, and broken.
  20. And I just want to feel.
  21. Something.
  22. Anything.
  23. Anything but that.