With engagement season firmly upon us, a little reminder if you will.
  1. This.
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    Honey, are you sure you wanna pose here, like this? I think we're opening ourselves up to some shitty comments.
  2. Or this.
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    Hey, we're getting married to each other, but we're totally ok with a third.
  3. Or this.
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    $20 says there was a pole present when they first met.
  4. Or this.
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    You are not Alice and this is not Wonderland. Loose the rabbits.
  5. Definitely not this.
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    Welcome. To. My. Butthole.
  6. Or whatever this is.
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    What is going on here? Is it reverse vampirism? Can she see dead people? Too many questions.
  7. And this.
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    Ahhh, true class would be making sure the toilet seat is down the the background before posing right outside the public restroom.
  8. And this.
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    I can't decide if this is creepy or awesome. So maybe don't do it as your engagement photo. Holiday card, yes; engagement, no.
  9. Also a big no.
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    Nothing says romance like cuddling up together in an abandoned bathtub in the middle of the dump...
  10. As is this.
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    ...Except making out and hanging out at the laundry mat.
  11. And most certainly don't do this.
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    Unless you are in the privacy of your bedroom.