With engagement season firmly upon us, a little reminder if you will.
  1. This.
    Honey, are you sure you wanna pose here, like this? I think we're opening ourselves up to some shitty comments.
  2. Or this.
    Hey, we're getting married to each other, but we're totally ok with a third.
  3. Or this.
    $20 says there was a pole present when they first met.
  4. Or this.
    You are not Alice and this is not Wonderland. Loose the rabbits.
  5. Definitely not this.
    Welcome. To. My. Butthole.
  6. Or whatever this is.
    What is going on here? Is it reverse vampirism? Can she see dead people? Too many questions.
  7. And this.
    Ahhh, true class would be making sure the toilet seat is down the the background before posing right outside the public restroom.
  8. And this.
    I can't decide if this is creepy or awesome. So maybe don't do it as your engagement photo. Holiday card, yes; engagement, no.
  9. Also a big no.
    Nothing says romance like cuddling up together in an abandoned bathtub in the middle of the dump...
  10. As is this.
    ...Except making out and hanging out at the laundry mat.
  11. And most certainly don't do this.
    Unless you are in the privacy of your bedroom.