We all have one, so share yours, in just 3 words or phrases. I'll go first...
  1. 1st sleepover with the boyfriend. Overflowing toilet. No plunger.
  2. Homeless guy overflows toilet at store. My job to shop vac shit and vom. Half way through I find there's a hole in the vac tube--shit/vom SPRAYING ALL OVER ME.
    Suggested by @heatherv
  3. driving with my dad from Texas to Colorado. got violently ill in New Mexico. crapped my pants while puking and had to waddle past people having candlelit dinners to change.
    Suggested by @paaarks
  4. Mid-diaper change. High-velocity surprise poop explosion. Like a Pollock painting but with shit.
    Suggested by @ladyprofessor
  5. Mom, younger sister, & I visiting older sister in Crimea - she was in Peace Corps & lived in a town that didn't have running water 80% of the time. We all got the flu or food poisoning (never figured out which one). Blacked out on way to toilet: fell into a wardrobe & came to on the floor having shit my pants (& it only got worse from there).
    Suggested by @nelle
  6. Drunk girl at party shits all over the living room of a friend's house, find her passed out in a pile of her own poo, only person sober enough to handle the situation ... 😣 Sadly, not my only shit story - @meganelizabeth