I should be having crushes on Bieber, and Harry Styles. But being 14 (at the time), I fancied the really awkward celebs, wishing I was a decade older so I could possibly be with them. And yes, to this day it still happens.
  1. Pharell Williams- if there's anything I remember from my proper childhood, it was my first ever crush being this bloke. You know, during his N*E*R*D - She Wants To Move stage. I was around 7 ish? And he was 33. Wowzers.
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  2. Ewan McGregor- I'd never watched any of his movies until he arrived as a knight in shining armour and now Jack the Giant Slayer is one of my favourite movies
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  3. Joe Lycett- I had a major crush on him when Epic Win was on, which is probably why I loved the show whilst everyone else thought it was dog crap. Still fancy him now tho!
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  4. Richard Hammond- you're damn well lying if you say he isn't even a tad bit peng.
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  6. Russell Howard- the guys good looking. And his arms are incredible!
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  7. Weekly Chris- I just find this embarrassing cos he's so bloody cringeworthy! YER MAKIN ME NERVAS
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  8. Justin Bieber- Ok, I also fancied this geezer. Now, he is by far the worst crush of mine. This was during his 'Baby' stage, where everyone called him gay or a girl. I avidly HATED the twat, and joined in with all trolling. But I used to have thoughts and even DREAMS about us being together. This is something I'm not proud of.
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  9. Anthony Padilla- I used to always compare Smosh and asked myself who's hotter. Sometimes it was him...
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  10. Ian Hecox- ... and other times it was him.
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  11. Ant McPartlin- same applies to this geezer...
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  12. Declan Donelly- ... and this one too.
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  13. Finally, my crushes- looking back at my old crushes, your all clapped. 👏🏾
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