When you have anxiety, you see a situation through a worst-case looking glass. It can freeze you if you don't know how to manage it. For a look into the mind of anxiety, and how ridiculous it can be, here are some pretty basic, common things I think. (Coupled with an accelerated heart rate & sudden sweating)
  1. "They responded to my not-totally-positive message... They're going to rip me apart. Maybe I won't open it."
  2. "They said they 'need to talk to me'.. I'm going to get yelled at. Where can I hide? How can I leave?"
  3. "I was wrong about that rule. Those refs probably think I'm dumb and won't want to work with me now. Maybe I should stop reffing."
  4. "Oh god, I was unhappy in messages two days in a row. He's going to think I'm too emotional and leave. Maybe I should break it off."
  5. "I know she said she wants to work with me, but what if I call and she laughs at me because it was just a joke. Maybe I shouldn't call."
  6. "That person sounded unhappy. They must hate me. I will avoid them."
  7. "No one invites me to hang out, or chats me up on Facebook anymore. My team is probably happier without me. My foster team probably doesn't actually like me. Maybe I shouldn't play after I'm healed."
  8. "No one is going to hire me, you heard what has been said about your resume. You should accept fast food & pain and not send that application."
  9. "I hear the garage door. Mom could be mad that I unloaded the dryer to put my stuff in. Quick! Upstairs before they come in!"