Internet things that I hate

Seriously, my anxiety goes through the roof when I encounter this stuff.
  1. Click through list sites
    I try to avoid them but now and again I can't help but click on the "15 things you definitely don't remember about Harry Potter" type blogs. Then it opens and you've got to click 4 times to get through each numbered item AND the page resets each time so you've got to scroll down to even click.
  2. Job Applications
    If you want a resume, why am I filling out this application as well? If the lines aren't asterisked, why won't you process my application/erase all the fields when you reload?
  3. Un Researched memes
    I don't think an explanation is even necessary here
  4. Ads with gross photos
    I cringe just thinking of some of the photos (fake or not) that I can't unsee. The one where it looks like stones are coming out of someone's skin, or those weird "eat this and never be fat again" things. 😖
  5. Untested websites
    If my password is wrong, you should not open a new tab to tell me I'm wrong, and then open another new tab with the beginning home page when I click "try again". I also shouldn't have to switch browsers to use your site.
  6. Businesses with 0 info
    Searching for a business and only finding its empty Yelp is not helpful. Get a kid from the neighborhood to fill it out for you.