Wines for people who don't know wine, but want to

Look, I'm no connoisseur. My intro to wine was Woodbridge White Zin & I'm currently enjoying their pinot grigio (with ice) in a plastic cup (mom taught me well). That said, I love the craft and chemistry. Here's a short list of wines for under $20 that taste lovely & will make your guests think you know the deal.
  1. Apothic Wine
    They are ALL delicious, but opt for the Apothic Crush for those unused to dry reds. This blend strikes a nice balance between fruit flavor & dryness. It and the Winemakers Red are my favorite wines. The Dark is my choice on nights I want something richer and more velvety
  2. Santa Margherita
    This pinot grigio is not overly sweet, as some are. This is not a pinot I put ice in. You get a hint of dry, but a new wine drinker won't be overwhelmed.
  3. Lucky Duck Malbec
    Ok for real, I bought it for $4 at Walmart after a particularly bad Tinder date. I figured my night couldn't get worse anyway. It actually got much better. This was a tremendous surprise of blackberry notes and dark cherry nose. Nomnomnom
  4. Nissley Winery Rhapsody in Blue
    Gotta order this one unless you live in Central Pennsylvania. This white blend is a remarkable sweet kiss, but is a semi-dry wine. It's been a few years since I've gotten to have it. I miss it. If you like the idea of drinking a cherry pie, get their Country Cherry.
  5. Mount Hope Winery Vignoles
    Another Central PA wine, this is on the sweeter end of the whites, but is great for dessert or for the wine drinker with a sweet tooth. Their Concord is excellent too.. Tastes like Welchs grape juice.... Only wine.
  6. Caduceus Cellars Anubis
    It's been a few years since I was in Jerome, Arizona at the Merkin Vineyards tasting room, but I remember that we bought two bottles of the Anubis wine. Judith was an exciting wine as well. With shipping, these will be over the $20 mark
  7. I'm not paid by them, I just loved their program. I got to try a lot of very different wines that I wouldn't have otherwise by becoming an Angel for a couple months. You can buy private wines for under $10. If you're looking to immerse yourself in random grapes, this is a great place to start.